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     Leanne only knew peace and joy as a child. Accepting Jesus as her savior was as natural and easy as breathing air. However, when the pressures and failures of her life hit, Leanne found herself in a level of despair that no amount of positive thinking could bring her out of. Then came that fateful day when a crumbling world came crashing down on her. It was the final blow that Satan needed to win. Anguished consumed her and the Satan was sure he had won. But what is this? The day that should have destroyed this young mother was the day her Might Warrior began to show her how to unravel the mysteries of the Bible and how to battle Satan and WIN EVERY TIME! Leanne discovered the path of The Warrior Way!!



     This book is designed to give you a practical way to gather your Sword in order to fight off Satan. You too can learn to battle Satan and win every time.

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