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"Learning how to tab my bible and hit Satan where it hurts through the use of my Swords and through the Word of God has been life changing to me.  The Bible now is a treasure chest to me.  Reading it is no longer something I have to do, it is something I LONG to do.  I love God in a whole new way now and it is fun and Victorious!"




The Warrior Way is a practical, step-by-step guide to becoming victorious in every area of your life!  Leanne shares her own deep struggles and how she found answers and victory in God's word.  You will learn to recognize your battles and struggles, learn how to apply God's word to each situation, and  start winning on a daily basis.  On the journey to becoming a warrior, you learn how to use God's word to defeat your problems and find hope and joy.  I found this book to be refreshing, inspiring, and very useful.  No more excuses, we are more than  conquerors in Christ!    

                                                                                                                Stephanie K

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