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We are in a battle with Satan over our families, our futures, our country, our health, our mental stability and sometimes over our very lives.  This weekend is designed Biblically show you how to continue letting Christ fight your battles for you, so you can rest.

In your rest, REVIVAL is on its way!!!


  • Spiritual enrichement through: 

  • Inspirational messages

  • 1-4 sessions

  • Titles

  • "Getting to know your God"

  • "Recieving the Spirit"

  • "Living in the Spirit"

  • "Waking in the Spirit"

  • "Resting in the Spirit"


  • Pampering time:

  • stress reliving activities:

  • painting

  •  drawing

  • knitting

  • photography

  • visiting

  • etc. (you choose, it’s your getaway)

  • and most of all REST!


Comments from the retreat:




















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