All day, the inescapable heat. The scorching sun, rising to a sweltering degree, and then, just when she thought it could get no hotter - it didn’t - the sun went down, making its way behind the far off hills. Night fell. The air began to stir. Breezes turned into gusts of wind and then settled down to a soft flow of air once again. The summer air had been cooled and refreshed from a night of gentle breezes making the morning a perfect time to be quiet before God. Mommy silently made her way to the back porch, to her quiet place, just before the sun rose again. Although soft, her footsteps did not go undetected by her three year old sweetheart and Mommy was soon accompanied by her little daughter.

The little girl crawls up into her mommy's lap. It is a warm and safe place to be. The two just sit in silence as they wait for the day to arrive. Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, the little girl jumps down out of her mother’s lap, races to the edge of the patio, stares at the sky with total wonder and amazement. She stands silently, as if mesmerized.