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The Faith of a Child

I walked through the door and the room was soundless and unoccupied. I looked around deciding on the first things I should do in order to get ready for the morning. I noticed that the old worn down couch had broken just a little bit more and the front board was not peaked in the middle and was touching the ground. The worn out velvet green marital was in terrible disarray and frightenly ugly. Every time I walk into the room I think about getting rid of it, then I remember the look on the children’s face when they see that there is a real couch in their classroom. It is by far the most loved piece a furniture in the room. The fact that it embarrasses me is irrelevant

I stroll the room, making sure there is not paper on the ground and I set out the materials for the day. A little music is always fun to enter to, so I start the music playing with happy upbeat melodies. The scriptures are neatly written on the board and I am ready to meet the children as they enter. We had already met one time before so today will be much more comfortable encounter.

The first face makes her appearance. She comes through the door talking with a big smile on her face. I can tell she is glad to be in my room, but since she started talking even before she got through the door, I had to question her as to what she was saying. She repeated and as she was telling me the great happenings of her week. The rest of the children flooded in. Some smiling, some talking, other sneaking in like shadows. Once I got them all settled down and sitting in a circle, we proceeded with introductions. They were to go around the room and give us their name and tell us one thing that was great about the week before. The answers were fun and some were funny. Then we came to a little boy in the very front. He said, “My favorite thing about last week is that we started to learn about Jesus and how to be a Warrior. I am very excited about becoming a Warrior.”

I sat there and looked at him and studied his face. I was trying to see if he was serious. He was bent over with his elbows on his knees looking straight in my eyes. I notices his new bible was sitting in his lap and he was ready to learn. He was genuinely anxious to see what the Word of God had for him that day and you could tell he was sitting in his own excitement. He knew everything I had taught the week before and he was ready to ask questions if he didn’t understand. He believed everything the Bible was saying and he left more happy and excited than when he entered. He walked away genuinely believing that there is nothing that God could not do.

I went home that day and thought about the faith of a child. They want to know God. They want to hear all about Him. They soak the Good News up like a sponge and the really want to genuinely believe. They are just waiting for someone to show them how. I thought if all adults were as eager to learn of God as these little ones are in my Sunday school class, we would be seeing a whole new level of victory. I would love for everyone to know the joy I see on these children’s faces that have discovered who God really is. It is a light that sparkle in their eye, a joy that no one can describe. It is wonderful. After thinking about it for a couple hours, I decided that I could not change the world. I also realized that I could not give what I did not have. So, I decided that my job was to continue seeking God with fever and dedication. If for nothing more than to be able to have the skill and the knowledge to pass on to these precious children every Sunday. The kids wanting to hear about the goodness of God. The children who want a reason to believe. For their sakes and for the sake of the children in my own home, I choose to learn about God and His love, I choose to find a walk of faith and how to learn to “Just believe.”

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