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Say Yes to Victory!

Nearly every night, I wake up and I see faces. These faces have no names, and I have no idea who I am actually seeing. While I am meditating on these faces, it is as if a film is lifted, and I no longer just see people. Their very heart and souls are revealed to me. Sometimes, what I see makes me smile with contentment and joy, knowing that there are people whose simple pleasure of life brings joy to everyone they encounter. On the other hand, many times I find myself troubled by what I witness, for in their eyes I see sadness, sorrow, discouragement and fear. I see little boy’s crying in their bed, not wanting anyone to know how unloved they feel. I see little girls afraid to get up in the morning, wondering if the day will hold great torment or not. I see women who have reached the end of themselves, trying to be everything to everyone all the time. Then, suffering from great guilt feeling like their best is never good enough. I see men whom had great dreams for their life and who they would become in despair with disappointment and anger. They live in shame over all things they didn’t do or over the person they never became.

Thankfully, all these faces, all these eyes that I stare into every night do not haunt me. They ignite me. When I see these people, I know it is time to pray. I pray for deliverance. I pray for peace. I pray that the love of God sweeps over these lovely people, and that He overshadows them with His care. I pray for all these people. I may even be praying for you.

There are times when I begin to feel discouraged at the amount of hurting people: children, men, women, elderly. No one seems exempt. I feel as if I pray the impossible prayer that ALL should know God and live in His love. It seems as if there are no real answers. Then, just when I feel deeply downcast and ready to give up praying altogether I remember. It is not about me, it is all about Jesus. I begin to think on Jesus and see His face. I focus on His life and His love and His plan. I pray again as if I am talking face to face with Jesus and all becomes clear once again. When I am talking with Jesus, he begins to reveal new pictures to me. I see the sadness in people’s eyes become bright with joy, anger turns to peace, fear fades into faith and failure transforms into victory. I am reminded once again, that it is all about Jesus.

For God so loved this sinful and wicked world. He no longer wanted sorrow, fear and sadness to dominate. He gave His one and only beloved Son to take on everyone’s sins, their fears, sorrows and sadness onto Himself, so that we could be free from every bondage that oppresses us. All we need to do is believe that Jesus actually did this for us, and we will be saved. Praise the Lord!! All can be saved. Just look to Jesus, and you are saved. It is the answer. Nothing else matters in this world. It is all about Jesus and His love.

Decide now that you will no longer submit to a life of defeat. Choose to live a life full of victory. All you have to do is look to Jesus, and you will be saved.

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