Step into the Water

When God says, “Go!” it’s time to go. The Bible is full of wondrous mysteries and marvelous workings of God. God’s word truly is an adventure.

Joshua was standing on the banks of the Jordan. It was time to make the long awaited journey to the Promise land. The people were assembled and in line waiting for their next instruction. The Ark of the Covenant carefully being carried by brave and dedicated men. They were honored to be charged with such a task, for the Ark of the Covenant is where God Himself dwelt with the people. The holiness and pureness of the Ark was so permeating and powerful that if one would touch the Ark with an impure hand, they would fall dead. There for great care was taken when transporting the Ark from one location to another, and the Ark always went ahead of all the people: leading the people. Now, however, it was time to take the Ark into the Promise Land. The only thing standing between these people and their pledged inheritance was the Jordan River.