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Step into the Water

When God says, “Go!” it’s time to go. The Bible is full of wondrous mysteries and marvelous workings of God. God’s word truly is an adventure.

Joshua was standing on the banks of the Jordan. It was time to make the long awaited journey to the Promise land. The people were assembled and in line waiting for their next instruction. The Ark of the Covenant carefully being carried by brave and dedicated men. They were honored to be charged with such a task, for the Ark of the Covenant is where God Himself dwelt with the people. The holiness and pureness of the Ark was so permeating and powerful that if one would touch the Ark with an impure hand, they would fall dead. There for great care was taken when transporting the Ark from one location to another, and the Ark always went ahead of all the people: leading the people. Now, however, it was time to take the Ark into the Promise Land. The only thing standing between these people and their pledged inheritance was the Jordan River.

The river ran wild for it was harvest season and the waters were high. Everyone waited in anticipation of Joshua’s next command, and then it came. “Men, those of you in charge of carrying the Ark, step into the waters of the Jordan.”

“What? Did they hear him correctly? Did he really say to step into the raging Jordan River while carrying this incredibly heavy and somewhat unstable Ark.” The men thought to themselves, “If we slip, the Jordan may claim our lives. If we stumble and touch the Ark, we are sure to perish. The river is too deep to make it all the way across. Once we get into the river, then what?” After a rush of thoughts raced through their heads, a decision was made. These brave men, in charge of the Ark made a decision to trust their God and to trust the words of Joshua. They became resolute in their actions and they stepped into the water.

What happened next was the mighty Hand of God. The waters of the Jordan split in two, and all the people of Israel crossed the Jordan on DRY ground. Their long awaited promise was at hand. After forty years of wandering, they were in their promise land.

There are so many lessons to be learned from this story. I could write about them for days, but for today the one thing that jumps out at me most is, “Are you willing to step out into the water?” God has a Promise Land in store for you, but many times the Promise Land is on the other side of your Jordan. God wants you to learn to trust Him and believe Him, even when the circumstances feel impossible. When that “still small voice” in you tells you to do something that could jeopardize your career, reputation, your comfort zone or anything else you hold dear, it is your chance to step out in the water. When this happens you have to believe that you have a God that is bigger than the obstacle in front of you. It may seem like God is asking you to cross a deadly, raging river, but what He is really doing is asking you to trust Him. He will never bring you to the river if He does not have a plan on how to get you to the other side. God is not even asking you to come up with a plan to get to the other side. The only thing He is asking you is to take your step of faith. The rest is in His hands. So believe God, step out into the waters. On the other side of that step of obedience and faith is your Promise Land.

**If you find yourself in a position that you are ask to do something scary that requires courage take this scripture as you “sword”

Joshua 1:9

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go."

Personal affirmation: I will be strong and courageous. I will not fear, I will not be discouraged for the LORD my God will be with me wherever I go!!

Shout it from the mountain tops, or just from your living room. Where ever you are, shout it out and send Satan fleeing from you. You are a victor and this is the Warrior Way.

More instructions on The Warrior Way in the book: The warrior Way.

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