Is "Christ" Jesus' Last Name?

This time of year is full of hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas. Christmas is not just a day, it is an entire season. The words Merry Christmas are stilled used in many circles around the world and the excitement of Christmas day is epic. What does it all really mean? Christmas can be the most exciting time of the year for some, for others it is the most depressing time of year. So, I ask you again. “What is it really all about?” Christmas should be the most exciting time of the year, but not because of all the lights and decorations, gifts and parties. It should generate a holy excitement as to the complete and total realization of the true meaning of Christmas. We say the word Christmas or Christian, many times, without stopping to think about what we are really saying. When talking about the Bible or about the faith of Christians we often refer to Jesus Christ as the center of our faith. So why is Jesus Christ so important? The first thing to remember when learning about Jesus Christ is to understand that “Christ” is not Jesus’ last name. Christ is who Jesus is. In the days of Jesus’ birth, the name Jesus was a common name for the day. As common as the names John or Steve are today. What separated Jesus from the ordinary child was that when Jesus was born, He was born as the Christ. The word Christ is what changes the ordinary to the extraordinary. Christ means,