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Just How Satan Wants It? STOP!

Just Like Satan Wants It? NO!


WE ARE IN A GREAT BATTLE!!! Please don’t look away. I feel compelled to send you my heart and ask you to join me in some major demon kicking and Satan slaying activities.

I woke up early this morning with a heavy heart. I began to think of all the afflictions in people’s lives around me. There is so much heartache and pain. For instance, one family I know is dealing with mental illness that is tearing apart the household. The person with the illness is diligently trying to help them self and yet no medications can be found to stabilize their condition. The illness has all but destroyed their family bonds, and it has nearly destroyed the person. All the while I feel, in my heart of hearts, that it is NOT God’s will. He does not want His children to suffer in this way. I see Satan laughing and having a heyday. He loves confusion. He loves anything that causes strain, sadness, pain and hopelessness. I want to stand against Satan and this condition and say, “STOP!! In the name of Jesus STOP!! I rebuke Satan and his manipulations and his tricks. I claim the blood of the lamb over this terrible situation. I know it is not by might nor by power, but by your Spirit that this family is healed. God, you said that it was by Your stripes that we have been healed. Show us today your healing.”

Still another friend is battling cancer. It is an ongoing battle that appears as if it is never going to end. Medication, diagnosis, treatment, fatigue, pain, sickness, vitamins, research, advice; it goes on and on. It seems as if it is a never ending battle and that there is never a perfect and permanent solution. Yet, my heart screams, “NO! My bible says that God has a plan for us, a plan to prosper us and not to harm us. Plans for hope and a bright future.” Once again I find myself wanting to STAND against the enemy who would laugh at us in our despair and kick us while we are down. I tell Satan, “You have no place here! This beloved friend is the anointed of God and stands with Christ and His Spirit dwelling within. I claim victory for my friend and the family who is so intimately involved with this ongoing battle.

The morning is still not over. My mind wonders to another family torn apart by the prospect of divorce. No one can tell who is to blame or who is at fault, and that is just how Satan wants it. He gets excited when the blame game starts. He laughs when he sees that their attempts at communicating go south, and they end up even more angry with one another than they were before. Satan has no care for anyone involved, so when he sees the children cry out in pain, he laughs. “Just where I want them.” He is a wicked, wicked creature with no grace or mercy, especially for the children. His strategy is to break their hearts at the youngest age possible. It is much easier to get them to go astray later, if their hearts have been broken at a young age. So Satan smiles and smirks in every lurking corner. A mother who is emotionally tired and broken, a husband who feels like a failure and doesn’t feel as if he will be anything more than a failure, and children who are hurt and scared and are unsure as to what they can trust and who they can depend upon are his targets. Satan laughs, while everyone else close to the situation is crying.

Once again I want to scream, “Stop! In the name of Jesus, I bind the hands of Satan in the life of this family. I pray a hedge of protection over them, and I pray that everyone’s hearts are open to listening to the call of the Holy Spirit.” Only God holds the answers and knows the way to turn your train wreck into a ride of VICTORY!! God can give you the words to say, God can show you the actions of respect, love and loyalty. God can empower you to be better than you could ever be without Him. God can show you how to give and receive love. God can show you how to trust and how to rest. God transforms your ashes to beauty. God can take a family who is falling apart and has nothing to look forward to and transform them into a divine unity. A bond where only love, joy, peace and protection dwell.

For every scenario that I have given, there are thousands more just like them. The burdens seem so heavy and unbearable. It seems so overwhelming that it makes it feel like praying is such a futile and pointless task. Just like Satan wants it to feel. My challenge to you today is to STAND UP. Spit in Satan’s face and say, “Not on my watch! I am not going to surrender to you and your manipulative ways. I will turn to Jesus. I will no longer listen to your lies and drop into your pit of hopelessness and despair that you have so carefully crafted for me. I will rise above on the wings of the Holy Spirit. I will allow God to take me above my physical circumstances and focus on His glory. For it is in His glory that I will find my answers and my transformation.” Join me today in a prayer of belief, first for the afflictions in your own life. God wants you to be whole and new; a new creature in Christ. Then, let us not grow tired in praying for others as well. Pray for your friends and family. Stand against Satan on behalf of your community and your country. God inhabits the prayers of His people. Remember Satan does not care for you. When you walk away from God, it is exactly what he wants you to do. It makes him happy, and he laughs at you because he knows you are getting ready to lose.

On the other hand, GOD LOVES YOU! He cares for you, and he is ready to fight on your behalf and on behalf of the ones you love. Run to God and join me in praying in your victory, and then REST, knowing that God has your back and that God is truly in control.

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