New Year Blessing: blessed to be a blessing

Pursue your passion!!! In doing so, I guarantee you will be a blessing to someone else. Others need you to be the best you, you can be. In receiving your blessing from God, fully and completely, you will be a blessing to others. Let me explain.

While sitting in my cozy chair, my cherished place to meditate and meet with God, I spent some time reflecting on this past year and all the major events and happenings. Of course, I was reminiscing about the major things that took place, like our 3-week journey across the nation and the publication of my first book, my husband’s business booming and my two oldest children in high school together. The major events always seem to pop in my mind first, but it was the small daily blessings that have had the most impact. I began to focus on all the gifts God has given to each one of my family members that have turned around and become a gift to me.

For instance, my husband is an engineer at heart. He is constantly building and designing structures and improvements to our li