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New Year Blessing: blessed to be a blessing

Pursue your passion!!! In doing so, I guarantee you will be a blessing to someone else. Others need you to be the best you, you can be. In receiving your blessing from God, fully and completely, you will be a blessing to others. Let me explain.

While sitting in my cozy chair, my cherished place to meditate and meet with God, I spent some time reflecting on this past year and all the major events and happenings. Of course, I was reminiscing about the major things that took place, like our 3-week journey across the nation and the publication of my first book, my husband’s business booming and my two oldest children in high school together. The major events always seem to pop in my mind first, but it was the small daily blessings that have had the most impact. I began to focus on all the gifts God has given to each one of my family members that have turned around and become a gift to me.

For instance, my husband is an engineer at heart. He is constantly building and designing structures and improvements to our living situation. He LOVES simple construction and home improvement projects. He is continuously coming up with great ideas and then taking them a step further and implementing his ideas. We have an entirely new living arrangement from five years ago. Our home is updated, tidy, organized, warm and cozy, all because of his great ideas. He is living in his passion, blessed at the ability to live out his dream. As a result, we as a family, are blessed through his blessing. We get to benefit from him living out his joy. He is blessed to be a blessing.

My oldest daughter is passionate about photography. She has been taking pictures since she was seven years old. She has allowed her passion to grow and develop to the point where she now has the equipment that she needs to produce what appears to be professional photography. Her pictures are enchanting and delightful. Our whole family sits in awe and wonder when we look at what she has produced out of her imagination and her point of view. On our vacation, her passion for “capturing the moment” turned our escape into an adventure and an elegant portrait of memories through the lens of her camera. She is living in her passion and the rest of us get the visual gift, and she transfers her excitement to us. She is blessed to be a blessing.

My son lives a life of adventure in his mind, and occasionally it comes out in a pretend world of dress up. He is so fun and amusing, that we spend hours enjoying his sense of humor and his creativity. When his lives in his pretend world, we all laugh and have fun with him and enjoy his blessing. He is blessed to be a blessing.

My youngest daughter is becoming a culinary artist. She is passionate about baking and making delicious treats for us all to enjoy. She smiles and sings and whistles while she works. To her, what she does is not a job at all, it is her passion. We all get the benefits of it at the end of the day. We enjoy listening to and witnessing her happiness, and then we partake of the delights she creates for us. We are grateful that someone in the family had the call for baking. She is truly blessed to be a blessing.

What is it that God has blessed you with? What is in your life that brings you joy and delight? What passion has God given you that you can pursue this year? Do not let life get so busy that you cannot live in your passion? Your passion is what God has blessed you with. When you live in your passion, you are blessed and others are blessed through you. Do not feel guilty for taking the time to pursue something that you love. That desire has been given to you by God. No one knows why God gives the gifts that He gives, but God knows. He has given you desires to pursue so that you can be a blessing to others. The Bible says in Psalms 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. God will grant you the desires of your heart, because He is the one who put them there in the first place. God has created a win, win situation for you. Pursue your passion, and you will be blessed to be a blessing.

So, before the New Year starts, take some time to sit down the desires of your heart.

  1. What are you good at?

  2. What do you love to do so much you would do it for free?

  3. What are the obstacles that are preventing you from doing what you love?

  4. What do you need to have happen in order for you to begin living in your passion?

  5. What is a date that you are going to give yourself as a deadline to begin living your dream?

Remember, your pursuit can begin the moment you make a decision. Start living out your passion today.I guarantee you will be blessed, AND you will begin to see that you are blessed to be a blessing.

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