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Beware Of Your Enemies: Enemy #1

Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and rulers of this dark world. Satan is a great manipulator. One of his biggest weapons is distraction. He wants to distract you from the truth in order to get your eyes off of what really matters. When your eyes are off the important things, you begin to focus on areas in your life that will not allow you to live in all the fullness that God has planned for you. Over the next several days I will be addressing 5 enemies that you should be aware of. You must learn to identify our “enemies” and battle them head on!

#1. THE ENEMY OF GREAT, IS GOOD. I am sure that most people would agree that when given a choice between something good for your life and something bad, the average person would steer toward a good choice. However, when given the chance to choose what is “GREAT” for your life and doing something that is genuinely “good” many times it is easier to choose the good. Often when God asks you to do something great, there is almost always a level of faith attached to it. You maybe asked to do something that you have never done before and you don’t entirely know what the outcome is going to be. When you are faced with these, sometimes fearful decisions, do you find it much easier to focus on something that is still worthy and good, but not so far outside of your comfort zone? Since you are human and your life is limited to 24 hours in a day, when you say “yes” to one thing you must to say “no” to something else. Therefore when you say “yes” to the good, you are saying “no” to the great.

Take a minute to evaluate your life. What do you dream about at night? When you take to time to really close your eyes and imaging the perfect life, what do you see? If you could fill your days up with activities that build you up and make you feel complete and content, what type of activities would you participate in? How does your family behave? What kind of work would you do? I have discovered that our imagination was given to us by God. When you have a clear picture of what you love to do more than anything else, chances are that picture was given to you by God.

Now, take a moment to ask yourself, “Are the activities that I am involved in on a daily basis bringing me closer to what God wants for my life?” If the answer is “no”, you may be choosing the “good” over the “great”. It could be that you are working in some aspect at your church. It is a very honorable role and position that needs to be filled, but if it is not what God has ask you to put your time and attention to, even though it is a “good” activity, it is the enemy of your “great”.

Guard you daily activities. Are they supporting the goals you have for your family? Warning!! Business many time is the enemy to your great ness. If you are busy, make sure you are busy doing the right things. If you are not, you may be overlooking the great for the good.

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for good and not for evil, to give you a great future and a hope.

Personal affirmation: I know God, You have a wonderful plan for me. I choose to claim the good plans that You have for me and to live in all of Your greatness.

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