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Leanne is ready to teach you

The Warrior Way!

Contact her for your own personal workshop or retreat.

Tell what type of event you are
interested in hosting. We will contact you back with details.

Pricing Guidelines

$10 per-person     Full day workshop   $150 min. + travel expenses

$15 per-person      Full weekend retreat  $500 min. + travel expenses


Full day workshop (3-4 hour workshop with 45 min. break)

10 people x $15 per-person = $150

30 people x $10 per-person= $300


Full weekend retreat (4-1.5 hour sessions)

20 people x $25 per-person = $500

60 people x $15 per-person = $900


Prices do not include travel or lodging expenses. The travel expenses will be covered by the hosting facility. (mileage, air, hotel, meals, etc)

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