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Warrior Way Workshop 


This workshop includes:

Warrior Training

Study Notes

Friendship and fellowship


This workshop is for people who want to have victory over fear, anger, pain, sorrow, frustration anxiety or just simply desire to have more peace and happiness.


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It is a 4 hour workshop that includes

a lunch break

  • Leanne takes you on a quick path through the Old Testament, which reveals a fresh picture of a loving God. 

  • She shows you exactly why "All of God's promises in Him are Yes and Amen"

  • She teaches you how to gather your personal Sword to stand against Satan

  • She finishes the day by showing you how to use your Bible to battle Satan and win.



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I enjoye this workshop.  It was nice to feel I wasn't alone with some of my feelings. I loved looking up bible verses. It reminded me that I need to open my Bible more than I have been.

         Andrea L.


It was fun! I looked forward to this event and enjoyed all the information I learned. It was really cool to hear everyone get so excited about the scriptures we were finding. I am going to begin to confess the Word of God over all of my problems not just the big ones.

       Sam K (teenager)


It was Amazing!! This is the perfect word to discribe this event.  I feel so powerfu to have hear this message today. I can prepare myself with better strategies to battle against the enemy.

       Rosa  C


This workshop was encouraging. I am going to immidiatly begin to tell Satan to "Stop bullying me around in the name of Jesus."

      Nicole C


It was educational. I enjoyed the interactive learning with the electronic devices and the Bibles. Iwill be aplying the scripture and prayer to my life.

      Anita C.


I enjoyed using the truth of the scripture the way it was intended: To live victoriously and battle the enemy. I will be "tabbing" my scripture to help me fight the enemy.

     Adam K


This workshop was enlightening & spiritually powerful. I enjoyed the open discussion about our troubles/fears, and how God's love can solve these issues.

      Kristine S



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