Finding Christ in Christmas: God and His anointed One

A swoosh of cool air raced across the grassy fields. Darkness was coming upon them, and the chill of nightfall was quickly approaching. As the sun made its colorful exit behind a far off mountain, the stars began to speckle the sky like little white snowflakes landing on a blue frozen pond. The scene was nothing out of the ordinary for these shepherds[LM1] had spent many evenings out in the icy night air ensuring that their sheep had the protection and provision they needed to stay alive and healthy.

This night, however, was beginning to show something new and majestic. A star, one like they had never seen before, was making its grand entrance. The illumination of this celestial object was bright and brilliant. The light shown in the sky and the shepherds were in wonder of this great and glorious sight. Suddenly the light they were gazing at in the sky began to illuminant around them. They were surrounded by such a penetrating light that they were forced to shut their eyes in an attempt to protect themselves from this magnificent radiance.