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Mary Magdalene

We don't know much about this woman.

A lot of assumptions are made.

Was she a prostitute? Maybe.

A sorceress or a slave?

We do know for sure,

Evil was her game.

She was full of demons

And wickedness reigned.

She lived in darkness

Shame and grief.

She had no control over life.

Her consciousness brief.

She had no one and nothing

But hopelessness and despair.

She wandered in blackness,

Her pain no one shared.

Her companions were demons,

Seven of them: complete.

There was no use in trying,

Her life in full defeat.

But wait! A day of deliverance?

Could this possibly be?

A man with no fear

Who would respond to her plea.

He looked at her, a woman,

Dirty and raw.

He saw only beauty

He saw what God saw.

“Come out of that woman!

Your time is done.

Your control has been broken

For Yahweh has come.”

The woman's bondage was shattered,

Her darkness was gone.

She rose up triumphant

For Jesus had won.

She looked upon Jesus

Her eyes clear at last.

There was no fog of evil

Or shame of her past.

Her heart rose inside,

Healed and renewed.

Her life dedicated to Him,

The one who makes new.

She followed him faithfully,

His teachings profound.

Her life set on fire

By His words that would astound.

She never faltered,

Her love for Him true.

To where she must follow

She really had no clue.

Then the dark knight came,

The men dragged Him away.

They took him and beat Him,

And she had no say.

She watched in agony

As her Savior would bleed.

She stood at the foot of the cross,

And watched His Spirit leave.

How could it be?

He was dead and gone.

With her heart shattered open,

How could she go on?

But she stayed near at hand,

She did not leave his side

She was there at the grave

When they put him inside.

Nightfall had come,

The day of preparation at hand.

It was torture to do nothing

And wait for the Sun.

Now Sabbath was complete.

She anxiously arose.

she ran to the grave

But the stone had been rolled.

“What has happened now?

Why is my savior gone?

Where have you taken him?

What have you done?”

Then two men as silver

Appeared to her eyes.

They said Jesus is not here

For he is alive.

Her Savior has risen

Just as He said.

Her victory complete

For Jesus is not dead.

Her life is an example

Of dedication and drive.

She would not leave her Savior.

She would not leave his side.

She recognized Jesus

For who he really was

.A God to be worshiped,

A God to love.

We must never falter,

Though the nights grow dark and grim.

Know that Jesus is our Savior,

And because of Him we win.

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